Saturday, February 25, 2012

Career Opportunities For Law Degree Holders

Are you thinking about getting a law degree but wondering if this is a viable choice? Students who go to law school typically want to work in the field of law, but this doesn't always work out as planned. If you are going to invest in a costly law degree, you will probably want to know that you have alternatives in the event that becoming a highly-paid lawyer does not work out. Fortunately, you have many options.

Becoming a lawyer, especially a top-earning lawyer, is a competitive undertaking, especially for students who did not graduate from a top law degree program. Does that mean it's impossible? Of course not. Jobs in the field of law are certainly out there, but you may have to accept the fact that only the top candidates will receive positions with big law firms. Others may have to take on positions that pay surprisingly low salaries, which may prompt these candidates to search for career alternatives.

First of all, it is important to recognize how a law degree helped you to build a skill set that is valid in an alternative career. A law degree helps students to think analytically and solve problems using their reasoning abilities and logic. A law degree is writing intensive, meaning you should be adept at communicating your thoughts and arguments via your writing. It shouldn't be difficult to think of other fields, in which the skills you'll develop in a law degree program will be valued.

Next, consider your interests. If working in the field of law turns out not to be for you, what are your secondary career interests? Assess your personality and your skills. Where could you see yourself working, if not for a law firm? Many law school graduates have careers in law and ultimately go on to work in a variety of fields that have only a slight connection to law.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options. One field that many law school graduates get involved in is criminal justice. More specifically, you could work in criminal investigations, legal investigation, securities fraud, and many other areas of the vast criminal justice field. Your legal background as well as your logic and reasoning skills will make you an ideal candidate.

Another field that is popular among law school graduates is human resources. After all, you will be adept at reading the fine print, working to solve clients' problems, and other aspects of law training. Jobs in human resources may involve legal counseling, employee rights, and other aspects directly tied in with law.

Law school graduates have many other options, including careers in insurance, taxation, and other areas that directly tie in with law. It is up to you to explore your many options and determine what career would be best for you in the event that a law career does not work out.

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